Zen Mandala Gardens 50 Adult Coloring Pages For Self Publishers


  • Perfect for Self Publishers and Print on Demand
  • Use for Coloring books, Journals and Planners, Wall Art, Clothing, Fabrics etc
  • 50 x New Zen Garden Mandala Vectors
  • 1 x Done For You Adult Coloring Book (pdf)
  • 1 x Editable Done For You Adult Coloring Book (illustrator file)


You Need To See This! A brand new set of vectors is available! Be quick this is a red hot niche. Self publishers and Print on Demand publishers the Zen Mandala Gardens pack is perfect for you!

Zen Mandala Gardens For Low Content Books Or Print On Demand.

Gain Instant Access To 50 Brand New Hand Crafted Mandala Vectors.

These are not just any old Mandalas! They have been crafted using patterns and outlines of nature.

Each image contains symmetrical mandala design and uses flowers, leaves, branches and birds to create a Zen Mandala Garden on each page.

zen mandala garden vectors 01

Zen Mandala Gardens File Types

Files are provided as Adobe Illustrator Vectors (perfect for Print On Demand), as PNG Images and Print Ready PDFs (upload Adult Coloring Books to KDP).

Low Content or No Content Publishing

This pack provides you all you need to publish low content books – perfect for adult coloring books, add them to gratitude planners or wellness journals, combine them and set Artistic 1, 14 or 30 day challenges.

Print On Demand

Use the vectors in Print On Demand – Use them to create beautiful wall art ort posters! Add with text to mugs, bags or t-shirts. Print onto white fabric or clothing for kids or adults to create amazingly unique “Paint Your Own Clothing”

Print On Demand products. Low Content Books. No Content Books! Or do it all! Your ready to use pages and vector based products will be online in no time and these few simple steps may see your profits soar!

zen mandala gardens

Brilliant For Hot Niche Markets!

I know you’ll be aware that the Zen Niche, along with the Mandala Niche, are both red hot sellers and among the most profitable!

Combine that with their perfect fit within the Personal DevelopmentMeditationSpiritualityHealth and New Age niches and you are onto a winning combination.

And to top that off the Mandala ClothingYoga and Homeware niches are skyrocketing!


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zen mandala gardens 50 adult coloring pages for self publishers
Zen Mandala Gardens 50 Adult Coloring Pages For Self Publishers