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Grow Your Authority. Generate Leads and Start Making Sales With This Brand New White Label Publishers Bundle

Stop Struggling To Make Online Sales

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Are you struggling to make sales online?

Then grab this BRAND NEWREADY TO PUBLISH Bundle That Allows You To:

  • Grow your authority and be seen as an expert in your field
  • Turn your blog into a profit making authority site
  • Generate more leads and build a list of eager regular buyers
  • Create Multiple Products to Sell Online
  • Grow your subscriber base by building a Podcast
  • Generate Massive Traffic Through Ready To Publish Blog Posts
  • Become An Influencer Using Done For You Social Posts

The Belly Fat Burning Bundle is your ultimate one-stop-shop of “done-for-you” weight loss resources to fast track the launch of your first (or next) Digital Product, Kindle Book, Low Content Book, Podcast, Coaching Program or Course …the list goes on!.

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This is for those of you who are ready to quit shelving ideas for your Online Business, ready to stop staring at blank screens and that blinking cursor, aimlessly searching the internet, and finally get something published and for sale online.

This is also for those of you who are ready to STOP downloading old, crappy, out-of-date PLR and START getting your hands on fresh, current, never seen before, red hot niche based content.

This is not about watching trillions of training videos. It is not about having to format text. This is about taking ready to publish quality content, spending a little time to make it your own, and getting it up online.


Full Publishers White Label License

The Belly Fat Burning Bundle provides you with done-for-you eBooks, amazing designer covers, social posts, copy and paste blog posts, and plug n’ play lists, guides, planners and a huge 30 day challenge – guaranteed to fast-track your launch into the weight loss niche and build your authority.

This is EVERYTHING you need to STOP shelving ideas, and START taking action ASAP in a matter of hours (not days, weeks, months, or years).

…so that you can start selling products and taking payments right away!

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30 Day Keto Challenge

Help Your customers start their Keto weight loss with a 30 day challenge. Sell online, add to a membership, start a group, coach clients – challenges offer you a multitude of options.

keto diet planner

Keto Diet Planner & Macro Count

You’ll get a designer cover, meal planner page, health and wellness daily tracker, macro monitoring and weekly tracker. Create a planner using all, or 4 planners for specific purpose.

keto daily planner and progress tracker

Keto Daily Planner & Progress Tracker

A full Keto Planner and Progress Tracker. You get a designer cover, a daily food, health and ketosis tracker and weekly progress charts. Use to create a low content planner, or as a great lead magnet!

keto and low carb food lists

Keto & Low Carb Food Lists

14 Keto and Low Carb Food lists. Each list focuses on a different food group and provides portion sizes and net carbs. Beautifully designed! Package together for separately. DONE FOR YOU.

how to lose belly fat posts bundle

Lose Belly Fat

Blog Posts

Brand new original blog posts designed to boost your authority, drive traffic to your sales page, generate leads and make you sales. Each post comes with a focus keyword and 800 -1200 words in length.

belly fat bundle social

Lose Belly Fat Social Posts

Keep building your authority and become an influencer in the weight loss niche. You get 10 social media post graphics in a range of sizes to suit all social platforms.


potent foods to lose weight

35 Potent Foods eBook

Brand New eBook – 5,500 words. You get our designer cover, the editable source text, and a Ready To Publish optimized PDF ready to upload to your favorite marketplace or online bookstore

the paleo blue print

The Paleo Blueprint eBook

Brand New Paleo Guide. 2500 words, designed as a quick reference resource for those choosing the Paleo diet. Packed with easy to use food lists, tips, what to eat, what to avoid. Great for Paleo newbies.

holiday weight loss tips

Holiday Weight Loss Tips eBook

Brand New eBook – 2500 words. Designed so your customers can have a handy holiday diet guide on hand. Quick tips and strategies so you can stick to your diet but still enjoy your holiday.

fat burning secrets

Belly Fat Burning Secrets eBook

Brand New eBook.

3000 words.

Provides information needed to make good food choices. Discover the foods that benefit weight loss and those that boost belly fat burning.

lose belly fat bundle aerobics

Benefits of Aerobic Exercise eBook

Brand New eBook – 8500 words. Comprehensive guide to aerobic exercise. Types of aerobics, aerobics for kids, during pregnancy, equipment needed and overview of aerobic benefits for health.

30 day meal planning

Meal Planning Challenge

This challenge has 64 pages of meal planner, shopping lists, weight loss tracker and daily reflection pages. Plus get a bonus 14 day healthy eating challenge and a yearly weight loss tracking journal.  

Gain Instant Access

the belly fat burning bundle 01

The Belly Fat Burning Bundle Includes:

  1. 30 Day Keto Challenge – Full Resource Pack to Launch your own challenge
  2. Keto Diet Planner, Macro Count and Weekly Log (Low Content Journal & Planner)
  3. Low Carb and Keto Food Lists (14 page bundle)
  4. Keto Daily Planner and Progress Tracker (Low Content Daily Planner)
  5. 35 Potent Foods That Help You Lose Weight eBook
  6. The Paleo Blueprint eBook
  7. Holiday Weight Loss Tips eBook
  8. Belly Fat Burning Secrets eBook
  9. Benefits of Aerobic Exercise eBook
  10. Lose Belly Fat Blog Post Bundle 
  11. Belly Fat Burning Influencer Social Posts
  12. 30 Day Meal Planning Challenge PLUS Bonus Challenge & Bonus Yearly Planner

belly fat burning diet bundle

Gain Instant Access


Full Publishers White Label License

The Belly Fat Burning Bundle provides you with done-for-you eBooks, amazing designer covers, social posts, copy and paste blog posts, and plug n’ play guides, planners and a huge 30 day challenge – guaranteed to fast-track your launch into the weight loss niche and build your authority.

This is EVERYTHING you need to STOP shelving ideas, and START taking action ASAP. Get your products online in a matter of hours (not days, weeks, months, or years).

…so that you can start making sales and boost profits right away!


The Belly Fat Burning White Label Bundle!

So I hear you, all the skeptics out there!

Why Would I Offer All This Brand New Authority Making Content with White Label Rights for just $47?

I could easily sell this bundle for $500 or more. So why on earth am I practically giving it away for $47? 

There are 4 reasons:

Number 1

$47 puts this done-for-you authority bundle within reach of almost everybody out there. It’s not too expensive for those who are just starting out, even our seasoned skeptics 😉 .

Number 2

Anyone who’s not serious enough about their business to invest just $47 isn’t going to use the content or be successful anyway. From experience I know, when people are not willing to invest in themselves, then they’ll never actually do what it takes to be successful. Sorry if that offends anyone out there, but it’s the truth. So sorry, but not sorry!

Number 3

Anyone who is serious enough to pay the price of takeout meal and buy this bundle has the opportunity to fast track the launch of their own branded online products. It offers them the chance to finally get their online offers ready and for sale. So $47 for takeout? Or $47 for the opportunity to succeed online and launch a profitable ongoing business.

Number 4

Look, we can be honest, I’ve been in this business for years and I know once you get this bundle you are going to love the quality and the attention to detail crafted into every item. And once you get it uploaded for sale online, there’s a very good chance you’ll be looking for further help with more done-for-you content or with one of our online marketers memberships. I’m confident based on the value in this bundle, that we can have a long term business relationship.

So if you’re serious about taking action, and you want to fast track getting your products online and for sale, then click the “I’M READY TO CREATE MY PRODUCTS NOW!” button below.

P.S. If you’re skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was… for just $47, you’re getting the belly fat burning bundle authority edition of done-for-you eBooks, copy-paste challenge and journals, and plug n’ play social media and blog posts that guarantee to fast track the launch of your first (or next) online products, mastermind or course. This is EVERYTHING you need to STOP shelving ideas, and START taking action ASAP in a matter of hours (not days, weeks, months, or years). See you inside ‘The Belly Fat Burning Members Area’!

What Can I Do With The Bundled Products?

You get the full publishers white label rights. So slap a logo, your name and brand on them and publish. Just doing that alone is going to get you 12 products published and on sale in a just a few short hours. Then why not break the content up and rearrange to create new products? Or perhaps turn them into a Podcast? Why not add them to slides for videos? Or have them in a paid membership or as content for an online weight loss group. Hey you can even break them down and use for lead magnets. It’s your content!

What Can I Not Do With The Bundled Products?

Great question!

You cannot resell the products with any resale rights such as PLR, or White Label.

You get a publishers white label license. This provides you personal use and ownership of the content to make as many products as you wish to create. You can put on sale as many products branded with your business details as you wish and sell to as many end users as you wish.

This actually works in your favor, as it limits the amount of people creating end user products out there meaning you have greater sales success and build more authority!

Do You Offer A Refund?

Another great question! The answer is NO. We do not offer refunds. This is for 2 reasons.

First is the fact that as soon as payment is received instant access is granted to all the products listed in the bundle and they can be downloaded and used. Sadly a few disreputable people think they can rip off creators by downloading the content, keeping the products, and then requesting a refund.

Second is we truly believe in the quality of each product we design and offer. We are creators and sellers of online products and the bundle you receive is the same quality we sell ourselves. We know these products are what customers are searching for online now and in a red hot niche. We think you’ll be delighted with what you get. We stand behind the quality of every item you purchase.

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