What’s Your Next Side Hustle?

Increase your income by finding out which fast-growing side hustle suits your needs and interests

What's Your Next Side Hustle

what's your next side hustle

Increase your income!

Discover which fast growing side hustle suits you, your needs and your interests

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What's Your Next Side Hustle

Question 1 of 8.

Do You Own Your Own Home?

Question 2 of 8.

Do you own a vehicle?

Question 3 of 8.

Do you enjoy arts and crafts?

1. Yes! There's nothing I love more than getting in touch with my creative side.
2. Nope! I'm right-brained all the way. Logical problem-solving is the name of my game.
3. Kind of - I enjoy doing activities with kids or helping others learn new skills, rather than actually doing it myself
Question 4 of 8.

Do You Have A University Degree?

Question 5 of 8.

How long can you afford to wait before seeing a payment from your side hustle?

1. I can afford to wait a week or two... but not much longer than that.
2. I need to make money from my side hustle immediately!
3. I'm patient and have income, so I can wait up to a year before seeing the money!
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Question 6 of 8.

If 1 is Not At All and 10 is Hugely - How much of a people person are you?

1. Between 9-10 Meeting new friends is half my reason for working! It's no fun going at it on my own...
2. Between 1 and 4 - The fewer people I see, the better. Small talk just isn't my thing
3. Between 5-8 I don't mind chatting with strangers! It's fun getting to know folks from different walks of life.
Question 7 of 8.

If I asked your best friends to describe you, what would they say?

1. They'd say I'm a creative firecracker! I'm always coming up with new amazing activities and have flair for art and style!
2. They'd say I'm clever, funny, and keep things real. As a total people person, I've got something to say about... everything.
3. That I'm good with my hands, practical and when there's an odd job that needs doing, I'm the person to call.
Question 8 of 8.

What sort of hours are you able to work for your side hustle?

1. I already have a 9-5, so I need a side hustle that I can work late into the night!
2. I'm pretty flexible. Morning, afternoon, evening and night! I'm coming for that paycheque. 
3. Strictly during the daytime! I've got responsibilities back home in the evenings.

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What's Your Next Side Hustle

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