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What Kind Of Blogger Are You?

What Kind Of Blogger Are You?

what kind of blogger are you

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What Kind Of Blogger Are You?

Question 1 of 8.

The thought of writing a new post makes you think:

1. YES!  Can't wait!
2. I wonder how I can monetize that?
3. I hope I have time to finish it!
4. I should check to see what's trending, first
Question 2 of 8.

Your favorite type of content is:

1. Styled images or reviews of my favorite things
2. Detailed tutorials or how-to posts
3. A guide to where I've been or where I'm going filled with tips
4. An interesting or thoughtful piece that reflects my personality
Question 3 of 8.

What's your favorite way to share posts?

1. In forums and online groups
2. I schedule everything with tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, etc.
3. On my Instagram
4. With my friends and followers on Facebook
Question 4 of 8.

Which of these statements best describes your goal:

1. I want to make money. I pursue any blog opportunity that helps me make money, even if I am not inspired.
2. I dream of creating a passion-based blog
3. I use my blog to generate cash that I then use to help others and chase my dreams
4. Passion, purpose, and a drive to change the world.
Question 5 of 8.

Which of these are you most likely to purchase next?

New shoes
Online Class Or Webinar
A Journal or Notebook
A New Back Pack
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Question 6 of 8.

Complete this thought. I'd rather be...

Question 7 of 8.

What's a typical blog comment you might receive?

1. "This is hilarious!"
2. "This is so cute, where'd you get it?"
3. "Thanks so much for sharing your experience."
4. "Wow!  This is so helpful!"
Question 8 of 8.

Which best describes your personality?

1. Always dress to impress!  You never know where the day will lead.
2. Adventure is everywhere, you just need to go out there and create you own.
3. I love sharing what I learn and teaching what I know.
4. Renaissance certainly applies to me; I enjoy lots of different facets of my life.

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What Kind Of Blogger Are You?

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