Declutter 30 Day Challenge


The Declutter 30 Day Challenge is perfect for self publishers.  Allow your customers to enjoy a month of Home Improvements and Decluttering.  Editable and with full instructions.


Declutter 30 Day Challenge

The self publisher pack contains:

  • 30 Day Declutter Challenge Tracker Board
  • 30 Declutter Challenge Stickers (1 per day)
  • Example completed task challenge board
  • 30 individual daily task reflection pages
  • 5 white labelled blog posts
  • 5 social media promotional images
  • 1 Instagram and Pinterest Story MP4
  • Multipage Journal (over 25 templates to create multipage planner and journal)
  • Files in AI, PDF and PNG

Declutter Challenge 30 Day Pack For Self Publishers

The current market for personal development and home improvement challenges is massive, and that market is growing faster than ever.  Maybe it’s Covid-19 and being stuck indoors, or maybe it’s a way to make changing habits and clearing out the old mindsets a bit more fun but with a bit more structured support!

Decluttering is a sought after challenge. As you know most people have way too much junk.  Some would say treasure.  But if it hasn’t been used for 12 months the likelihood is, it’s never going to be!

If you are in a home environment or work space with too much clutter it can lead to poor performance and becoming distracted from what you should, and often want, to be doing. When you struggle to stay to stay productive you can become anxious, and even stressed.

So help your customers find their inner productivity and a refreshed state of Zen with a Declutter Challenge.  The 30 day challenge pack can help your customers clear the clutter one step at a time and as they do, they clear emotional clutter as well!Examples of a daily challenge are:

  • Fill 3 trash bags of items you haven’t used for 12 months or more
  • Get your workspace or personal space clean and clutter-free.
  • Give away 3 items that are still in good order but you no longer need or use.
  • Find 3 items to donate to your favorite charity (if you have children get them to do the same)
  • Identify that one junk area you know you have and clear it out! (junk drawer, loft, garage, spare room)

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Declutter Challenge 30 Day
Declutter 30 Day Challenge