5 Low Content Books You Can Self Publish Almost Instantly.

Discover 5 low content books you can self publish almost instantly, with little to no start up cost. They also enable you to target 2 highly profitable markets and a range of red hot consumer driven niches. Sound too good to be true? I am pleased to say it is 100% genuine and with a little effort and know-how you can begin today!

Online retail continues to grow at an ever increasing rate. Hardly surprising considering the vast percentage of the worlds population have spent much of 2020 and 2021 in isolation. The only way many people could shop, communicate and socialize was online!

In this post we look at the No Content and Low Content Books market and give you examples of the 5 low content books you can self publish almost instantly

How Do I Profit From Low Content And No Content Books?

Now before you head off to another post thinking, “Books? That’s not for me. I can’t spell let alone write a book!” Don’t worry. This branch of publishing doesn’t require you to write much at all, maybe a few headings and a couple of sentences.

Yes, welcome to the world of No and Low Content Self Publishing. One of the largest platforms for self publishers is Amazon KDP. With Amazon KDP you can create, publish and sell your books. You can also have your books printed and delivered and you won’t pay a cent. For each book that is sold you take a percentage of the profits.

We aren’t talking the 1 – 5% commissions that Amazon Associates (or affiliates) make. You’ll make at least 20 – 40%. And remember you haven’t spent anything throughout the entire process! This is an incredible way to start a niche online business without any of the usual start up risks.

What Are Low Content Books?

To avoid confusion, these books do actually have content. But they have very little text. So there are no chapters to write, no storylines to create and no editing nightmares to worry about. The term describes books that we use in our lives and add our own content into.

They can be exercise books, logbooks or notebooks we use at school or in the workplace, or they may be the journals and planners we use for recreation and hobbies. They also include activity and puzzle books for entertainment.

Another example is the Adult Coloring Niche such as Zen Tangle and Zen Mandala Coloring. The list is literally endless.

Self Publish Low Content Books
Low Content Planner

Example of a Planner Page.

These are templates that make life easier for the purchaser. In this example the planner is full of pages that help the buyer write perfectly scripted blog posts.

Example of Children Handwriting Practice

These are templates that parents and teachers love!

You can add just letters of the alphabet, or sight words, or words around a theme.

Children then practice their handwriting by tracing them and copying the template. Easy to produce and extremely popular

Self Publish - Low Content Books KDP Profits
Handwriting Practice

Examples Of No Content Books

Example of Comic Page

These templates are the outline storyboards and comic strip pages. With multiple of these you have great gifts for kids.

The create your own comics are extremely popular. Kids can spend hours drawing their own comic characters and designing the whole storyline.

Example of Activity Book Page

In this example we see a children’s first dictionary or first phonics book.
These are popular as they have images and space to write in.

All you need are the copyright for images, or images with a commercial license. Then just add in your lines. You can see an example of a finished product called My Farmyard Friends Activity Book here.

You can see the self publisher materials here. These were used to create the activity book, the outline storyboards and comic strip pages. With multiple of these you have great gifts for kids.

The above are just a few examples of both low content and no content books. While we produce a lot of children’s educational theme packs and finished products that doesn’t need to be your focus. Linking to your chosen niche is a great way to get people to engage with your site!

All you need do is think of a type of template that could be produced, and that would help people or make their life easier and then design your own templates, or buy ready made templates.

Later in the post I will show you where you can source preformatted templates free, and other premium (but very reasonable) images and ideas! It doesn’t need to be hard work! If you like 30 day challenges you can find great examples in our store!

5 Low Content Books You Can Self Publish Almost Instantly.

Yes! It’s a true headline. I thought to ensure you don’t give up or think, “wow this is too much for me” I would provide you with examples of 5 different styles of book that are extremely popular, sell all year round and don’t need to be updated.

This means they are searched for all year round and are in hot niches where the products are on trend and desired.

1. Organizers – To Do Lists

Organiser – To Do Lists Low Content Books
Organizer – To Do Lists

Very simple to produce. But exceptionally popular. The key is to come up with an eye catching interior that repeats throughout and then send time to ensure your cover is more attractive than the competition.

If you have a YouTube channel you will be very familiar with the concept of comparing other related video thumbnails and making yours that much better and more attractive. This is the same concept. In many ways your cover will sell your organizer.

Top Tip – Often these organizers sell better if you really niche down! So rather than “Daily Organizer” try to find an specific need and niche. For example “Finding Me Time For Busy Moms Daily Organizer”

2. Music Composition – No Content Book

self publish music composition low content books
Self Publish Music Composition Books

For these books, which are very popular with students and those choosing gifts for students, you bundle music manuscript paper into a journal or planner format. This provides budding musicians a tidy and easy to organise planner for composing music.

This type of book is straightforward and is a great example of no content book. Again to sell these focus extra effort on designing your cover page to stand out from the rest.

3. Goal Setting – Personal Planners

Goal Setting
Goal Setting Low Content Planners

Our 3rd and possibly most popular type of book. These books take more time to design the interior, and are more popular if they contain a variety of internal pages.

So when designing these think about your audience. You might dedicate 10-20 pages for notes. Then 12 pages dedicated to a month each. Then 20-30 pages of daily task and goals tracking. Perhaps even some “daily quote pages”.

Build it out with useful templates. The key here is to always ask yourself, “Does this solve a problem? Does this help someone? Does this make life easier? better? etc”

4. Quote Of The Day Journals and Planners

Quote Of The Day Journal
Quote Of The Day Low Content Journal

Fantastic to produce and very popular with a range of different age ranges and groups. These can be produced as blanks where people find and write their favourite quote of the day.

Alternatively you can produce them and add an inspirational quote to each page, leaving room for the owner to add their thoughts and notes. You can also mix and match both styles.

The great thing with these books is you are continually building up your stock of internal page self publisher templates. So then each book you produce you can mix and match your predesigned pages to create new journal styles.

These also tend to be more popular if you design for specific groups of people. Examples of this are

Gratitude Journals For Girls”

or even more specific,

“Happiness and Gratitude Journal With Coloring Quotes and Inspiration”.

5. Make Life Easy Template Books

Recipe Templates
Recipe Book Templates

In this example I have provided a really popular “write your own recipe” template. That doesn’t mean that recipes are the only template you should use. This style of book is dedicated to any template that makes life easier.

In this example rather than someone having to style their own recipe cards or write them on scrap of paper you provide a template where they just fill in the gaps.

These style of books are evergreen sellers (sell all year round) and very popular with gift givers. Team them with an appropriate cover and you have a fabulous thoughtful gift that isn’t going to break the bank. They are very personal and are loved by people who receive them.

Other ideas are “meal planners”, “fitness trackers” and even better when niched down such as “Gardening For Green Thumbed Grandmas” or “My Dads Tall Tale Fishing Log”.

Book Bolt – Where You Can Find Templates

I use Book Bolt for almost every book I produce. It is easy to use and it has a range of incredible features that save at least half the usual time!

Book Bolt is a collection of tools, like an all-in-one. It enables you to do instant keyword research, helps you find the right categories, lets you spy on best selling books and the keywords they target. Book Bolt is a design tool for both your internal pages and your covers.

Plus it has a huge number of predesigned pages you can use off the self without worrying bout copyright. And it has a very handy browser extension so in just a few clicks you can upload your book details into Amazon KDP without manually entering all 25 steps!

Now I guess you are thinking. This will be expensive. And very happily I can tell you it is incredibly good value. The cost is $9.99 a month. That is amazing! You can check out Book Bolt by clicking this link.

Now we believe in transparency so yes, we are an affiliate partner for BookBolt. It is also a product I use every day and wouldn’t be without.

So have a look and if it interests you, you can decide whether you sign up or not. If you do buy through us, thank you. It helps us to keep the Buzz going and recommending great tools!

You can check out all the amazing features you get in Book Bolt here.

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5 Low Content Books You Can Self Publish Almost Instantly.

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