How Well Developed Are Your Brands Core Values

In the world of online business they say content is king. But that king is never crowned if your brand misses the mark! Take Our Quiz! How Well Developed Are Your Brands Core Values?

How Well Developed Are Your Brands Core Values?

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Brand Core Values

Your brand's core values are a big deal!

Knowing them allows you to better connect with your ideal customers and clients.

Take this quick quiz to find out whether your values speak for themselves.

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How Well Developed Are Your Brands Core Values?

Question 1 of 9.

How do you want your brand to make potential customers and clients feel?

Brand Design

1. Like they are setting out on a new adventure: optimistic, curious, and excited to see what's around the corner.
2. Umm... Like they really, really want to spend money... You can't go wrong with that, right?
3. Safe and sound! I want them to know that they can trust my business to help them reach their goals.
Question 2 of 9.

Tell Me About Your Brand Colors?

Brand Colors

1. Oh, I've got them on-lock  I'm talking a perfectly balanced palette of 3-5 shades that feel just right for my brand.
2. Hmm... I have a general idea of what colors would communicate my brand's personality, but I still have to nail down the specifics (BTW what's a hex code?!)
3. Let me do a little research, and I'll get back to you on that... Wait! What should I Google first? Maybe "what are brand colors?"
Question 3 of 9.

Which of the following brand building strategies are you most confused about?

Brand Design

1. Getting to know my ideal customers and clients.
2. Nailing down a name, logo, and tagline.
3. Coming up with a kick-butt content marketing plan. 
Question 4 of 9.

When did you start dreaming up your brand?

1. My brand has been a lifetime in the making...
2. Maybe a year or two back
3. Just recently — we all have to start somewhere, right?
Question 5 of 9.

Agree or Disagree?

"People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel?" - Maya Angelou

1. Yes, That Sounds Right To Me!
2. No, I'm Not Sure About That!
Question 6 of 9.

What's Your Biggest Branding Struggle?

1. My market is saturated AF! The competition for clients and customers is FIERCE — how am I supposed to stand out?
2. The decision fatigue is real. I'm sooo over positioning my products and services one way then pulling a 180...
3. Cross-platform consistency... Is it even possible to sound the same over FB, Insta, AND email? Yeah, didn't think so. 
Question 7 of 9.

True or False. 

80% of Consumers Forget Branded Content After 3 Days.

1. Very Sad, But Very True
2. That's Gotta Be False
Question 8 of 9.

What Question Do You Ask Yourself Most?

Business Question

1. What are my ideal customers and clients really looking for?
2. How can I keep up with the competition?
3. Why isn't my brand bringing in the big bucks?
Question 9 of 9.

What Stage Of "Brand Metamorphosis" Are You At Now?

Brand Metamorphosis

1. Crawling *quickly* forward.
2. Just chillin' in my cocoon...
3. Spreading my precious wings!

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How Well Developed Are Your Brands Core Values?

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How Well Developed Are Your Brands Core Values

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