7 Awesome Plugins To Engage Visitors On WordPress Websites

WordPress remains the most popular content management system on the internet. This may in large be due to the wide range of awesome plugins to engage visitors on WordPress websites.

At last count, it powered 43.1% of all websites online today. By comparison, its next closest rival is Shopify and it only accounts for 4.4% of current websites.  That’s only 10% of the market share WordPress occupies!

WordPress as a platform is simple to use and due to themes, plugins and addons it becomes almost infinitely extendible and customizable.

With nearly 60,000 plugins available WordPress can be used to establish simple blogs, complex eCommerce websites, self publishing and POD sites, as well as everything else in between.

The vast majority of plugins add structures and functionality but they are not the only type of plugin available. Those we talk about today are wonderful for adding engagement and keeping people on your site longer and interacting with your content.

They are designed to add some fun as well as being useful. Many of these plugins don’t get nearly enough attention. So let’s fix that! Here are seven awesome plugins to engage visitors on WordPress websites

WordPress Quiz Maker
WordPress Quiz Maker – 7 Awesome Plugins To Engage Visitors On WordPress Websites

1. Quiz Maker

There are many quiz plugins out there, and I have used just about all of them! My pick for best quiz plugin is the Quiz Maker plugin from AYS-PRO. It has huge features and if you opt for the pro version it comes at a very low cost.

The Quiz Maker Plugin provides two versions, a free version which has loads more features than you would expect and then the pro version, at a reasonable $49, which extends upon them even more.

This plugin allows you to create powerful and engaging quizzes, tests, and exams within minutes. It is fully customizable and can even facilitate advanced level exams. 

You can build an unlimited number of quizzes with an unlimited number of questions in each. And unlike many quiz platforms there are no limits placed on the number of participants that participate.

The plugin has a fully responsive design and a true user-friendly interface.

The plugin enables you to create quizzes of the following types: 

  • Trivia quiz
  • Personality test
  • Scored quiz
  • Multiple choice quiz
  • Knowledge quiz
  • IQ test
  • Yes or No
  • True or False quiz
  • This or That Image quiz
  • Diagnostic quiz
  • Buzzfeed style quiz
  • Course and Assessment quizzes
  • Viral Social Quiz
  • with more styles planned.

Exam With Certificate.

Looking to award certificates based on peoples quiz, exam, and test scores? Do you want your online quiz takers to gain certification but you don’t have time to process separate certificates for them one by one? Quiz Maker does this for you!

This WordPress quiz plugin auto-generates certificates and sends them to successful users via email. You simply design your certificate, add your logo, select the orientation, add your personalized message or variables, and a beautifully customized certificate will be sent to those users who reach your set score or percentage.

Just activate the certificate option and the plugin will do the rest. If you are wanting to grow your email list this is a brilliant way to generate more leads. With users adding their email address you have an audience that you can start to build a relationship with.

Personality Quiz

Your website visitors will love being able to take personality tests. The plugin enables these to be creative and fun, or truly academic. The choice is yours!

Regardless of the style you choose you will be more connected with your website visitors. By creating entertaining personality quizzes you can get to know your audience. These personality quizzes are also a perfect  way to generate leads.

You can set the plugin to ask your quiz takers for their email addresses before they see the result. This is a well used and proven strategy for growing your email list.

Paid Quiz – 7 Awesome Plugins To Engage Visitors On WordPress Websites

Yes! You can make money with this WordPress Quiz plugin.  Just create entertaining or problem solving quizzes and connect them to your PayPal account. 

Earn a passive income with your quality content. The great thing about quizzes is they entertain visitors which then drive traffic to your website by making your website visitors stay your website much longer.

Timer Based Quiz

This WordPress plugin gives you the unique opportunity to add a countdown timer to your quiz.  This is a really helpful technique for any set time online tests or exams.  Your users can focus on answering the questions and know they will be reminded when they need to finish and submit results. 

You can set your preferred time and the test will be submitted automatically after the time period has elapsed.

You can also set up a warning message before the end of set time or when the allowed period of time ends. You may want to set up a simple reminder such as “Your time is up, your test will be submitted automatically now”.

Advanced Leaderboards

Boost user engagement by inserting leaderboards for your quizzes. This a very effective method for encouraging your users to come back to your site, improve their skills and strive to gain even better results.

This functionality will help keep your audience on your website much longer. Encourage your quiz takers to submit scores to the leaderboard and motivate new visitors to join your community!

Quiz Results, Scores, and Data Forms.

Get real time analysis and results about your quizzes. All results are available on your discrete results page. Once a user submits a quiz, the data is immediately stored and reflected on the page.

You can set up and browse individual details for students, overall global statistics, competition leaderboards, customer reviews and more.

The quiz plugin also allows you a unique opportunity to export the results of your quizzes in CSV, XLSX, and JSON formats. You can filter by dates, users, and quizzes while exporting.

Quiz Result Page.

Create separate results pages that quiz takers will love! Provide quiz results immediately. This auto score wp quiz function will save you time and drive more traffic to your website.

As well as displaying scores solely, there are loads of features this quiz plugin offers you.  You can activate redirection to a custom URL, enable a progress bar, show each individual question result, activate social share buttons, etc.

Additionally, you can set unique result messages (including URL and images) based on the score your quiz takers gain! This is a great method for your lead generation.

Quiz User Restriction.

You are able to decide who is able to access your quizzes and define the number of attempts they can have. This means you can have different sets of quizzes available for selected groups of users.

Possibilities are plenty: Ask for an access code(password), require user to be logged-in, available for particular WordPress user roles, etc.

Additionally, you can sort by IP addresses, User IDs, Cookies, or IP addresses + Cookies.

The great functionality means the settings can be applied to each quiz individually. This is a great opportunity to make member specific, or advanced, WordPress tests, exams, and quizzes.

Quick Quiz.

Fast and easy way to create interactive WordPress quizzes. Save your time and create auto-graded quizzes, tests, and exams in few minutes. Enter quiz title, choose a category, fill in your questions and answers, and there it is, your short quiz is ready!

For setting up more advanced settings, you just need to edit that particular quiz. This is the easier, simpler, and faster method for creating quizzes on your WordPress website.

You can get access to the free version from the Plugin repository and get the Pro WordPress Quiz Maker Plugin here


2. Woorise – All In One Lead Generation & Marketing.

Woorise is an incredibly versatile but super simple way to create viral giveaways & contests, landing pages and engaging forms such as surveys and quizzes.

Woorise helps small, or large, business connect with their target audience, collect leads and close sales.

Giveaways & Contests

Build powerful giveaways, contests and competitions. Collect entries and offer rewards that inspire your audience to engage with your content and website.

Landing Pages

Create beautiful and high converting landing pages without the price tag of software or developers. Using Woorise templates you know you are starting with an optimized and mobile responsive page.


Build powerful online forms that you can use to collect data, enable member sign ups, grow subscribers, do calculations and automate your workflows.


Create powerful online surveys that seem to read your customer’s minds. Gain your target audience insights and make informed business decisions.


Create stunning and high performing quizzes with a built in highly functional quiz maker. Create quizzes that people love to share and build more engagement with your audience.

Orders & Payments

Easily and securely collect payments and subscriptions, create checkout pages, sell products or accept online donations.

Grow your social media followers

To reach the right audience you need the right tools. With Woorise, you get everything you need to connect with your fans or find new ones.

Engage and grow your audience using a wide range of pre-built social actions, follow buttons and embedded social widgets for the most popular social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Refer a friend

Reward users with Bonus Competition Entries for referring their friends and increase sharing and participation. Bonus entries are tracked via a unique URL given to a user who has entered your campaign.

After they enter, they get the link which they can copy or share using social media buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email and more.

If you want to learn more or begin using it, you can find the link to Woorise here!


3. If-So

If-So is a WordPress plugin that displays dynamic content to users based on information you determine, such as Google Ads search terms, your site clicks, as well as geo-location.

If-So displays your content to site visitors dynamically based upon “your chosen conditions,” like search terms, their location, the pages they have visited, and the number of visits they have made to your site.

A B Testing

You can also A B test customized content on your webpage (even menu items) and create as many test versions as you want using a page builder—no coding necessary. This means you can easily discover what type of content, button, adverts attract your buyers!

If-So is also fully compatible with all caching solutions, making it possible to get the benefits of dynamic content while continuing to enjoy the advantages of page caching.

If-So also lets you add a selection field to let visitors choose the most relevant content based on their own preferences.

Custom Fields

You can also use Custom Fields to serve incredibly specific content to members or logged-in users after you collect some data from them.

You’ll have the ability to collect data using three different types of form fields:

  • select (choose option from closed list),
  • date (date field), and
  • text (free text field).

Serving relevant content to site visitors shouldn’t be a guessing game, and now it no longer is!

Aligned To Your Audience

If-So will help to deliver dynamic content to your site visitors based on real data from their personal characteristics and site interactions.

Boost your conversions simply by serving up the content you know they love!

You can grab a lifetime license for If-So here.


4. GamiPress

Over the past few years, the popularity of gamification for user engagement has sky rocketed. In fact those websites who do not add some type of gamification elements may lose visitors quicker. It seems we have become a society with a need to engage and interact.

WordPress websites can easily offer this type of user experience but a plugin is required due to there being no built in functionality for gamification in WordPress.

The plugin I recommend is GamiPress. It makes adding gamification elements to any WordPress website simple.

Action Sequence To Motivate

Once you have installed GamiPress you are able to design various sequences or actions which enable your visitors to earn points while they interact with your site. The points then enable a system of achievements and ranks to reward visitors for engaging with your site.

It’s simple, fun, and keeps visitors on your site and engaging with the content your site offers.

Reward for Members Actions

Top Tip – It’s also a really good method to get members to do the things they usually don’t, such as completing their profile, or adding a user photo, but also supporting other members or adding comments to posts! Each task they complete you are able to reward!

You can find the GamiPress plugin here, or in the WordPress repository.

King Sumo

5. King Sumo

KingSumo is a platform that helps you create viral giveaways so you can grow your audience and get more leads quickly and effectively.

Key Features

  • Grow your email list by running giveaways for physical or virtual products
  • Get leads at a fraction of the cost of Facebook Ads, Instagram influencers, and other marketing channels
  • Have visitors take actions you want i.e. follow your social profiles, visit your website, and more
  • Generate tons of new leads through viral giveaways

KingSumo has an easy to use editor so you can get your first giveaway set up in no time, literally a couple of minutes!

All you need to do is write an overview or bullet point list about your giveaway and pick the number of winners you wish to reward.

Want to give away a huge grand prize? Great, You can on KingSumo.

Prefer to give away a number of smaller prizes instead? Perfect, KingSumo can help you do that too.

Physical, Digital or Virtual Prizes For Giveaways

You don’t even need to purchase products. Why not give away your own digital productproducts from your partnerse-books, low content books, activity bundles, website membershipsa PDF, you name it!

Once your giveaway is live and someone enters the fun really begins and your traffic starts to soar! Each entrant is encouraged to share the giveaway link. And share they do, because every time they share the giveaway with their friends they are awarded bonus entries which increases their chances of winning.

Member Share Virally

And the more chances to win means the more they are willing to share! And the more your site traffic grows!

Your entrants almost do all your website promotion for you, spreading the giveaway virally for you. Your marketing team may want to b warned first!

Once the KingSumo giveaway is live you just watch and let it do it’s thing!

And now a confession, KingSumo is not a plugin. But it’s so good and such a winning way to get people engaging with your site I had to add it! It’s a web based app and all you need to do is copy and paste the giveaway link into your WordPress post!

You can check out KingSumo here!

Dinosaur Game

6. Dinosaur Game

There aren’t many things more frustrating than launching your web browser to find that you have no internet connection.

Google knew that and so they also figured that users of the Chrome web browser wouldn’t be pleased if they were sat staring at a non connected screen.

Google Response

Someone had a stroke of genius! They built a game that would appear on that dead page and keep their web users entertained until the connection was up and running again!

That game involved a pixelated “old school arcade game style” Tyrannosaurus Rex running through the desert and hopping over the cacti.

WordPress Adoption

And now, WordPress websites can add that game to their site using the Dinosaur Game plugin by Chris David Miles. Just install the plugin, and embed a custom shortcode wherever you want the game to appear. And you can leave your site visitors to do the rest.

Grab the Dinosaur game plugin here!

Social Warfare

7. Social Warfare

Social Warfare adds beautiful and blazingly fast social share buttons to your website. But that’s not all…

Give your website the most powerful social sharing features without losing any of your page load times!

With Social Warfare you open up a new level of control, customization, and optimization for your WordPress powered site.

Free or Pro Version

Social Warfare

Comparison of The Social Warfare Free and Pro Plugins
FeatureSocial Warfare FreeSocial Warfare Pro
Hacker Newsnoyes
Button Position
Above the post contentyesyes
Below the post contentyesyes
Both above and below the post contentyesyes
Manual placementyesyes
Floating share buttonsyesyes
Button Shape and Color
8 Different Button Shapesnoyes
10 Choices of Color Style / Hover Color Stylenoyes
Customizable Color Schemesnoyes
Button Size Optionsnoyes
Click To Tweet
Click To Tweet Blockyesyes
7 Styled Click To Tweet Optionsnoyes
Create your own Click To Tweet Style with CSS.noyes
Social Proof
Display Share Countsyesyes
Minimum Social Share Count Optionsnoyes
Twitter Share Countsnoyes
Popular Posts Widget - Display a live list of most shared contentyesyes
Pin All The Images - Hover Buttons On Medianoyes
Share Recovery Including Changes To URLsnoyes
Extended Functions
Facebook author and publisher attributionnoyes
Facebook app link (advanced users)noyes
Twitter publisher and author attributionnoyes
“via @username” added to the ends of tweetsnoyes
“via @username” added to the ends of pin descriptionsnoyes
Twitter Cards (Large Image Cards)noyes
Rich Pin readyyesyes
Link Shorteningnoyes
Analytics Campaign Trackingnoyes
Button Click Trackingnoyes
Selected Pinterest Image Locationnoyes
Frame Buster - Don't Let Others Copy Contentyesyes
Open Graph og:type Values such as article, book, place, product, game etcnoyes
Social Meta Tagsyesyes
Dynamic Social Shares Dependent On Number of Sharesnoyes
Emphasize some buttonsnoyes

Ready to give Social Warfare a go? You can find the free version in the WordPress Repository and can get access to Social Warfare Pro for $29 here.

7 Awesome Plugins To Engage Visitors On WordPress Websites

As the preceding seven Awesome WordPress plugins make clear, there’s much more to the world’s most used CMS than you may initially think.

With these plugins you have the ability to give visitors some fun with their content. In doing so, you can increase your site traffic as well as being able to retain your visitors on your site for longer!

But remember you will have spent hours, and invested body, mind and spirit into getting your website to be a perfect user experience for your visitors, so as with any plugin, add these suggestions only after considering any others you already use. Don’t double up functions!

Adding too many plugins can lead to you compromising site security and/or slowing of your website load time. Great news is that all have well written code that will not burden your site and enable fun times to be had by all!

Did you try any of these suggestions? Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

7 Awesome Plugins To Engage Visitors On WordPress Websites

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